This bunion hurts!
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Sometimes bunions are rather obvious, large, and cause significant discomfort. Bunions however do not have to be large to be painful, often the milder bunion deformity can be equally troublesome.

When we examine a bunion we are looking to see a number of things;
How large is the deformity?
How painful is it?
How much movement is there in the joint?
Is footwear an issue or is it painful inside the joint, or both?

There are many things that may contribute to a bunion forming, but unfortunately it's almost always completely unavoidable. Bunions are mostly genetic and if it's in your family tree somewhere, there is a chance you have inherited your bunion from someone who has gone before you!

Treatment wise there are two main approaches; conservative or surgical.

Conservative treatment includes advice on footwear, activity, orthotics and cortisone injections.

Surgery has come on a long way in the last 20 years or so, success and satisfaction rates are typically high. The operation can typically take around 30 minutes and can be under a local or general anaesthetic. Although most bunion procedures do not take long to complete, the bones can take approximately 6 weeks to heal, but you can typically wear a trainer type shoe from 2 weeks post-op. Surgery however is not a magic wand, it typically works well for most people, most of the time, but not all people all the time.

At the Baddow Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, we are able to offer you all of the above treatment options with Mr Ewan Kannegieter, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon. Mr Kannegieter carries out over 600 foot procedures per year and has treated thousands more with non-surgical measures over the years. Mr Kannegieter is recognised by all major UK private healthcare insurers. The Baddow also has a competitive fee structure for self-pay patients.

To see Mr Kannegieter at the Baddow please call
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