Bunions - Hallux Valgus

One of the most common foot problems encountered. A swelling of the ball joint of the big toe with drift of the 1st toe toward the 2nd.

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Toe deformities

Hammer, clawed and mallet toes can all be painful lesser toe deformities. Affecting the 2-5th toes.

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A painful trapped and swollen nerve in the forefoot often giving numbness or sharpness into the toes. Conservative and surgical treatment options are available. 80% of patients are managed without surgery.

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Heel pain

Can have many different presentations, the most common being plantar fasciitis. Pain in the heel or arch on first weight bearing in the morning and worsens toward the end of the day.

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Rheumatoid foot

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, symmetrical, inflammatory arthritis often affecting the joints and soft tissues of the foot.

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Flat foot

Flat feet can lead to instability of the foot and ankle leading to pain, deformity and injury. Custom orthotics can be used to help the function more effectively.
Lumps and bumps

Ganglions, cysts, bone bumps and nodules can often be troublesome on the foot with footwear rubbing on the bumps. Conservative and surgical options are available.

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Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails can be extremely painful, often infected and can easily develop into a chronic condition.

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Aching, throbbing joints can limit activity and decrease quality of life. Foot joints work hard throughout your life and can develop simple wear and tear. Treatment options include cortisone injections and surgery.

Pain across the ball joints of the foot can be caused by a multitude of pathologies. Overloading of the joints, capsulitis, neuroma, stress fractures, toe deformities and soft tissue lesions.
Tendon pain

From tendonitis to tendon rupture to over-tight tendons within the foot, pain can arise from an imbalance of tendon anatomy. High quality imaging and scans to aid diagnosis will guide your treatment.
Sports injuries

Ankle sprains, stubbing injuries, ruptures and fractures can all occur within the foot. Conservative treatments are available including injections, orthotics, advice, physiotherapy and aircast boots.