Mr Kannegieter is pleased to offer needling to treat verrucas.

Verrucas can often resolve on their own without treatment although some may cause significant discomfort and pain. Needling is commonly used when all standard, over the counter remedies have failed to work.

Needling requires a local anaesthetic to make the area of the verrucae become numb. The foot is cleaned with antiseptic and a sterile needle is used to puncture the verruca numerous times.

The idea behind this is to
wake up your immune system to the fact that you have a viral infection in the skin layers. Pushing some of the viral matter into the dermis stimulates this immune response. There is no evidence that suggests using this technique can spread the virus further.

Recent studies have shown that Dry Needling has a
success rate of around 70%. As with all treatments results cannot be guaranteed.

If you want to treat your verrucae with this successful method please contact the Baddow Hospital and ask to see Mr Kannegieter.

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