Mr Kannegieter can help with painful, ingrowing or infected toenails (IGTNs). Having operated on hundreds of IGTNs over the last 18 years, Mr Kannegieter is extremely experienced in dealing with this painful problem.

Nail surgery is carried out at the Baddow Hospital under local anaesthetic or if requested under sedation.

How does it work?

The procedure is often called a partial nail avulsion (PNA) with phenol. This means the affected, ingrowing part of the nail is removed, leaving behind the unaffected majority of your nail plate. The gutter where the nail piece came from is then cauterised with a chemical called phenol. This stops the painful portion from growing back again. The procedure takes around 10 minutes to complete.

The wound can take 4-6 weeks to heal and you will need to bath the toe in salty water and change the dressing at home regularly until a firm scab appears. The scab will then drop away when it is ready to do so.

Are there risks or side-effects?

There are risks with every medical procedure, however the main ones for PNA surgery are;

• Infection 5%
• Regrowth of the nail 4%
• Delayed healing - longer than 8 weeks

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