The road to becoming a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon is a long one, but a great one! The years are full of study, sweat and sacrifice, travel, training and tenacity. For me it took 15 years. Is it worth it? Do I enjoy when I do?


The image below does not fully convey the whole picture. I hope it gives a small insight into my personal journey and the steps it takes to become a CPS. There were times when I thought I would genuinely never make it, however every set back or challenge helped me focus and improve. To become skilled and experienced in what we do takes devotion and commitment, and I hope those characteristics echo today in how I treat my patients.

Every year I still attend a number of courses, conferences and clinical governance gatherings to maintain a posture of learning. To make me, a better me. The learning never stops.

I am fully convinced that people and of course patients deserve the best, especially when you are seeking out advice to do with your health and wellbeing.  Podiatric Surgeons are not medical doctors, but we are trained extensively for many years in the specialist treatment of the foot, making us the experts when it comes to solving your foot pain.

Mr Ewan Kannegieter is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon offering treatment for all types of foot and ankle pain in Essex. To read more about my journey click the link to my bio page.

Treatments include foot surgery, bunion correction, fixing ingrowing toenails, providing custom orthotics, delivering steroid injections for pain relief and more.

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