Sesamoid Pain

What is Sesamoid Pain?

Sesamoid pain often occurs under the big toe joint and it is typically an overuse injury involving chronic inflammation of the sesamoid bones and related tendons. The sesamoid bones are 2 small pebble bones that form part of the joint and the condition causes a dull, aching pain beneath the big toe joint.

What Causes Sesamoid Pain?

Increased pressure on the sesamoids is to blame for this kind of pain and it is often associated with activities whereby there is increased pressure on the ball of the foot. People with high arches are also more likely to suffer with sesamoid pain, as are frequent wearers of high heels.

What are the Treatment Options for Sesamoid Pain?

To diagnose a sesamoid injury Mr. Kannegieter will thoroughly examine the foot, focusing on the big toe joint.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Conservative treatment can usually be carried out including padding, strapping or taping the affected area and relieve tension.

Custom orthotic devices can offer some long-term treatment to help balance the pressure placed on the ball of the foot.

Cortisone injections are sometimes offered to reduce pain and inflammation.

Advice on rest, massage, gait analysis, painkillers, ice packing and footwear will always be given.

Surgical Treatment

Sometimes, surgery is offered to thin down or remove the painful sesamoid bone but this is uncommon.

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