Insoles and Orthotics

Many of the painful ailments affecting the feet and ankles can arise from faulty bio-mechanics of the feet and devices called insoles and orthotics can be used to successfully support how your foot works.

What’s the Difference Between Insoles and Orthotics?

Insoles, or inserts, are a generic product typically made of a soft gel material.

They offer cushioning and support to the foot to help reduce pain, however, they are mass produced rather than tailored to your individual foot and only last a few months. Mr. Kannegieter can recommend a suitable over the counter insole for you.

Orthotics are custom made and they work by supporting your feet and providing greater arch support tailored to your exact foot’s requirements. They last for many years (often provided with a lifetime guarantee) and offer more effective foot support.

Mr. Kannegieter has confidently used insoles and orthotics to treat his patients for over 15 years and at Kann Foot Surgery we will soon become one of the first clinics in the UK to use state of the art iPad 3D scanning of the foot.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology images of your foot can be sent directly to the lab before you have even walked out of the clinic door. This means no more foam boxes or plaster casts and a quicker turnaround for you to receive your custom devices!

What Kind of Conditions Can Orthotics Help Treat?

Flat feet, unstable feet, sports injuries, bunions, foot pain or just wanting to improve your gait and balance can sometimes be helped with the use of a bespoke orthotic.

What Kind of Orthotics Are on Offer?

Mr. Kannegieter is proud to partner with leading orthotics supplier Pegasus who are the first and only company outside of North America to be granted an exclusive license to design and manufacture this particular style of CAD-CAM direct milled orthoses.

The aim of Pegasus is – through the use of new technology – to provide functional orthoses of a specification and accuracy superior to anything previously available to patients.

Using the most sophisticated technology available Pegasus have taken important steps forward in increasing the accuracy of orthotic devices and at the same, speed of production which is why they are a natural partner for Kann Foot Surgery.

What’s more, Pegasus orthotics carry a lifetime guarantee and are very competitively priced, which is why Mr. Kannegieter is very pleased to offer them to Kann Foot Surgery patients.

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