Patient Information

On this page you’ll find information and frequently asked questions for new patients, including post-operative care advice following treatment with Mr. Kannegieter at Kann Foot Surgery.

The Initial Consultation Process

At Kann Foot Surgery it is our aim to ensure you’re are as comfortable as possible at all times during your visit to our clinic. To help you prepare for your appointment with Mr. Kannegieter we have answered a few of the most common frequently asked questions.

When is Mr. Kannegieter available for appointments?

Mr. Kannegieter is available by appointment at both the Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford and 9 Harley Street, London. For a general enquiry please contact Mr Kannegieter’s secretary Nikki Freeman on 07808643950 or email [email protected].

To find out more about our venues please click the Locations page, and follow the link

What happens during my appointment?
Upon arrival, you’ll head straight for the main reception desk at the Braintree Hospital where you’ll be asked to check in by our friendly reception team.

Once checked in you’ll be asked to take a seat in our waiting room where you’ll be able to help yourself to tea, coffee and fresh water.

If it is your first time visiting Mr. Kannegieter you will be asked to complete our initial consult paperwork, so that we may register you as a new patient.

We try our best to run to a tight schedule so you shouldn’t be kept waiting very long and Mr. Kannegieter or one of the friendly nursing team will invite you into the consulting room when it’s time for your appointment.

During your consultation, Mr. Kannegieter will listen to your description of your foot or ankle pain, ask you about your medical and medication history and together you will decide on the best treatment plan for you.

This may involve referring you for further tests such as x-rays or scans (all imaging is completed at The Chelmsford Hospital) and routine blood tests.

You will be informed every step of the way and Mr. Kannegieter will thoroughly explain the next steps in your treatment plan.

When will treatment start?
The good news is that often we are able to initiate treatment on the day of your first consultation, especially where expert advice is needed or recommendations for pain management.

Mr. Kannegieter can also immediately begin steroid injections and take casts or scans for any orthotics needed during the appointment and it’s our aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

What should I wear to the appointment?
It is a good idea to arrive in your normal footwear and so that Mr. Kannegieter can properly assess your condition. It is also best to wear a pair of loose fitting trousers in case Mr. Kannegieter needs to examine your lower legs.
Is there anything I need to bring to my appointment?
Please bring with you a list of any current medication you are taking, as well as any previous consultant letters or test results regarding your condition. It is also a good idea to have considered your full medical history prior to the appointment.
How much will my appointment cost?
Please take a look at our latest patient fee’s page for up-to-date treatment costs.

Please note: If you have private health insurance you will need prior authorisation from your provider before treatment can commence.

Pre-Operative Information for Kann Foot Surgery Patients

Prior to foot surgery with Mr. Ewan Kannegieter there are some general points that it is helpful for you to be aware of. Please take a look at the advice leaflet enclosed below.

If you have any further questions prior to your surgery please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Post-Operative Information for Kann Foot Surgery Patients

Following foot surgery with Mr. Ewan Kannegieter it is very important that you expressly follow the advice given to ensure a speedy recovery for you and your foot.

Below you will find a range of advice leaflets put together by Mr. Kannegieter and the team that will give you generic advice on your do’s and don’ts’s following foot surgery.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Kannegieter at one of your follow up consultations as he will be very glad to help.

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