Nail Surgery

Ingrowing or infected toenails are a common and often embarrassing problem, causing great discomfort to the sufferer.

This condition is often triggered when the nail has been cut incorrectly or as a result of a fungal infection or trauma to the toenail, which causes a small piece of nail to pierce the flesh at the side of the nail which can then become inflamed and infected.

The good news is your toenail can easily be treated with nail surgery. With over 18 years’ experience operating on infected and ingrowing toenails, Mr. Kannegieter is extremely experienced when it comes to dealing with this painful condition and can carry out your nail surgery quickly at the state of the art Phoenix Hospital in Chelmsford.

What Does the Treatment Involve?
To treat an ingrowing or infected toe nail Mr. Kannegieter will perform a procedure called a partial nail avulsion (PNA) using a chemical called phenol.

The affected, ingrowing part of the nail is removed, leaving behind the unaffected majority of your nail plate.

The gutter (where the nail piece came from) is then cauterised with a chemical called phenol, this stops the painful portion from growing back again.

The procedure takes just 10 minutes to complete and can be carried out under local anaesthetic or if preferred, under sedation.

How Long Does it Take for the Wound to Heal?
The wound typically takes between 4-6 weeks to heal and you will need to bathe the toe in salty water and change the dressing at home regularly until a firm scab appears. This scab will then drop away when it is ready to do so leaving behind a healthy nail.
Are There Risks or Side-Effects Following Nail Surgery?
As with any medical procedure, there are risks which Mr. Kannegieter will always thoroughly explain to you prior to your treatment, so you can be informed every step of the way.

The main risks following nail surgery are:

• Infection (5%)
• Regrowth of the nail (4%)
• Delayed or pro-longed healing (longer than 8 weeks)


You can read more about what’s involved in toenail surgery in this informative and helpful PDF.

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